Women's Circles

Women's circles are my deepest, most profound medicine. I found myself in a circle of women one evening, I didn't understand why I was there but it sure felt like home. 

I healed many layers deeply that evening, and haven't stopping sitting in circle since. It's always a deep remembrance of a life long before this one. 

I hold space for a weekly circle here in Christchurch, which is absolute magic. A monthly ceremonial circle when the energy is present and have some special circle based events coming later in 2021. 


If you're looking to connect deeper to sisterhood, yourself, heal, expand and truly find yourself then these sacred spaces may be just perfect for you. 

Soulful Sisterhood Circles

- Weekly Wednesday women's circles based in Christchurch 

For more booking details on weekly circles head here - 

April 2021 Ceremony