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Women coming together in ceremony is so powerful, it was once feared and forbidden. Yet here we are, once again following the soul nudges bringing us back into these sacred practices. Women in circle truly seeing each other, witnessing one another, supporting and celebrating one another. That's healing, freedom, power, unity and love. That's pure embodiment of the divine. I found myself in circle one winter evening in 2020, and I've never looked back. I found my soul in that circle, and landed deeper in my purpose. Holding these intentional and world shifting spaces is my most soulful medicine, and I'm forever honoured. 

Monthly Ceremony 

Monthly ceremonies happen here in Christchurch once a month or when the energy is ripe. 

We come together in a potent, sacred circle and explore sisterhood, expression, truth-telling, and our inner worlds. A co-creation, weaving all of our magic together. 

These circles are a collaboration of souls, connection, cacao, breathwork, meditation, moon cycles, movement, and embodiment. 

*please note, in person ceremonies may be light over the festive season, join the mailing list for notification of the next ceremony

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from sisters in circle

"Katy creates a safe environment catered for women to come together to share and explore sisterhood. A full permission slip to bring your unique authentic self for a few hours of meditation, reflection, connection, sharing, listening, honesty, vulnerability, inspiration, rest, release, sharing; a time to explore and celebrate our own individual and shared kaupapa. And is continuously expanding my life and the love i have to give to the people around me"

- Rawinia 

"Sitting in circles brought me back to my inner self, strengthening myself and others at the same time, being real, being on a journey with myself and others. Giving, and receiving. Supporting each other just the way we are"

- Charly