The Unraveling 

6 week deep dive of healing, connection, expression, rewriting truths, body wisdom and manifestation, all experienced through weekly circles and ceremony. 

The unraveling is for those who are done with feeling stuck and uninspired. 

For those seeking sisterhood, and deep connection to self. 

For the seeker of purpose, magic, ritual and depth in their world. 

For those feeling bound by old stories and beliefs who are ready to pioneer their own. 

For those reconnecting to their power, and inner truth. 

For those who desire more coherence to their inner world, soul and intuition. 

For those who are ready to expand and be who they came here to be. 

She's a space to transmute fear, restriction, conditioning and lack. 

A space to evolve, crack open, move through discomfort and go within. 

To unravel all of the ways the world has pulled you from your true nature. 

To arrive home, within. Embodied in your pure self expression. 

She's powerful and full of depth when she's met by the 8 souls who will fill her space. 

Are you ready to Unravel? 

The Unraveling  Experience 

Copy of Souls in Circle.png

The Unraveling will be an in-person, weekly ceremony journey. 

Each week curated to guide you deeper, and deeper within. Each moment inviting you to strip back the layers dulling your truth, and illuminate your magic. 

Our portal will be safe, potent, and world-shifting

We will unravel using a combination of ceremonial practices and supportive modalities - 

- Connection, sisterhood, and expression 

- Cacao 

- Journaling

- Meditation 

- Movement 

- Breathwork 

- Vision casting 

- Truth writing 

You will be supported through the six weeks with 

- Online portal with integration tools, journaling & prompts, and guided meditation

- Connection to the sisters within this container 

Aaaand a beautiful welcome gift box! 


How we'll flow

Week One - See yourself (opening cacao ceremony) 

Awareness, healing, acceptance, misaligned stories, love

Week Two - Feel & Release 

Releasing, honoring ourselves, cracking open, boundaries 

Week Three - Clarity through discomfort 

Stillness, exploration of the inner world 

Week Four - Rewriting truths 

Body wisdom, intuition, building safety, future self connection 

Week Five - Pure Expression 

Communication, YOUness, expression 

Week Six - Unraveled (closing cacao ceremony)

Manifestation, intention, integration, the road ahead 

We will come together every Sunday evening

Sunday August 1st until Sunday 5 September

7 - 9 pm 

Christchurch Venue (tbc)

This is a potent, in the moment experience. 

Trust in the pull that has lead you right here, guiding you to dive deep. To expand. To reconnect to your most authentic expression. 

Are you ready to integrate magic into every moment? 

There is no other medicine like sitting in ceremony with other women, witnessing each other. Mirroring each other. Holding space for each other. 

It's powerful healing. 

You won't leave our last ceremony as the same person who first sat in week one. 

Only 8 spaces available. 

The portal 

- 6 weeks of deep healing and expansion through ceremony 

- Beautiful sisterhood 

- Welcome gift box 

- Online portal with integration and ritual support 

- Collective space for this sisterhood experience 

- Opening and closing cacao ceremonies



Full experience price - $515NZD 

Payment options available on full experience price. 

Cart closes Monday 26 July. 


Do I need to attend all 6 ceremonies? 

I would highly recommend doing your best to make it to each week as they are designed to allow you to deepen each week. But if you miss 1 you'll be ok! 

Are there payment plans available? 

Yes! I really don't want finances to be a barrier if this experience is calling you. Please check out the booking page to see the range of payment options. 

I've never been to a womens circle before, is that ok? 

Yes! No experience needed at all, you'll feel right at home in this safe space and be guided all the way.

All that's needed is some courage to go deep and commit to integration.