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Your soul chose you, and you arrived here perfectly crafted for the life you're currently living. 

Imprinted with the most intricately woven energies that illuminate your gifts, your quirks, your shadows and your wisdom. 

Human design is a layered system made up of multiple modalities brought together to read the map of you. Your energetic blueprint. The guide of your true nature.

It brings understanding and language to the parts of us so true, but too touched by the world around us that we've forgotten they exist. We've forgotten who we are. Our true nature.

Flow, peace, expansion and ease are the by product of moving with our natural energetics, this is what we get to uncover.

We're all on a journey back into connection with our untouched selves, and HD is a beautiful tool to guide you deeper. Tuning into soul - human coherence.

Some of you have been waiting sometime for my human design offerings to drop, turns out our art and craft has a timeline of it's own. 

I promise they're dropping in the new year, you can expect an online platform full of deep dive information alongside your intuitive human design soul reading, and a 1:1 live interaction through your energetics. 

These readings will be intuitive, explorative and magic. I'm excited to share them with you soon. 

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