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  Illuminating You  

Human Design Readings

A dance between the explainable and the unexplainable. 

The soul and the human. 

The mystical and the practical. 

A process of exploration and remembrance. 

Who you came here to be, laid out in energetic form for us to sink into.  

10 spaces are released for each month. Keep an eye on my Instagram for any spare spaces throughout the month! 

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What is human design? 

I like to think of it as the souls imprint, on the human - you. 

A map of your inner world. 

An energetic blueprint. 

Human Design is a layered and intricate system, combining ancient modalities with science to show us your potential, your gifts, your magic and who you came here to be. 

It's a powerful tool for clarity, permission slips to be your most authentic self, the purpose seekers, deconditioning and aligning to the highest version of yourself possible. 

You'll discover how you're designed to show up in society

Your personal energetics

How to tune into your unique body wisdom and intuition

Your unique way of connecting to others and environments 

How you can most seemlessly flow with your energy

Tap into your greatest gifts

Uncover your true nature, which you'll already know but likely have been told not to be. 


We're at a time in our world where being in our truth, working and interacting from our most aligned authenticity and overall, honoring our unique design is so important to evolve and move forward. 

Human design is a powerful tool to help you on that path. 

Stripping back the layers put upon us by society. Unshackling. Removing everything that dulls our purest expression. 


I truly believe, your purpose is a by product of how YOU you can be. 

How does it work

Your reading will be delivered straight into your inbox within 30 days from booking. This time frame is an absolute maximum, you'll receive your reading as soon as it's ready. 

Illuminating You readings are not a live interaction. 

I work in my best energy when I can explore your chart in my own space, and record your reading when my outward energy is at its best. 

This also means you can sink into your reading when you feel ready to receive and move through the information in a way that feels nourishing to you. 

I like to teach as I read, so you'll receive your reading broken down into categories of Energy Type, Authority, Definition, Profile, and Energy Centers.

Alongside reading your unique chart, I'll teach you the basics of those components so you understand them on a deeper level. 

You'll also receive an introduction video, explaining a little about what human design is and a guided meditation to sink deeper into your true nature (coming soon)

10 spaces are released for each month. Keep an eye on my Instagram for any spare spaces throughout the month! 

Stay curious, more in-depth HD offerings in creation!