All the things you need to know 

Women's Circles

Do you need to book for circles? 

Yes! Bookings are essential as I like to keep numbers small and intimate, and set the energy of the space based on who's coming. 

What happens in a Women's Circle? 

For a Souls in Circle monthly ceremony, you'll always receive a detailed email from me the morning of with every single thing you need to know. 

Otherwise, you'll be invited into the space. Select a yoga mat to set yourself up. I always open the circle with a welcome and touch on the theme for that ceremony and then we usually go around and have a moment to share. 

We'll sink into the cacao ceremony. 

We then journey through the intention for that ceremony in lots of different ways that can look like - journaling, sharing, meditation, music, dance, flow, cards etc. 

These spaces are always so open and safe, you'll be well looked after! 

Can I get a refund if I can't make it? 

For a monthly ceremony, at least 24 hours notice needs to be given to receive a refund as I can likely fill your space. Notice given any later than that will not be eligable to receive a refund. 

For a weekly Soulful Sisterhood circle, any later than 4 hours notice won't receive a refund. 

If you give notice 4 hours or earlier, we can transfer your booking to another week. 

What will I need to bring? 

This will always be outlined in your confirmation email, or the email prior to your booked ceremony as sometimes it changes. 

Usually - a water bottle, anything special for the altar, any extra cushions or blankets you desire and a journal and pen! 

HD Readings

Why do you need my birth details to book? 

Your reading is like an extended version of your birth chart, we need accurate birth details to produce an accurate reading. 

These details aren't not used for anything else, or saved anywhere. 

What if I don't know my exact birth time? 

If there's no way to find your exact time, the best thing to do is put in an estimate when booking and include a note or send me an email to let me know it's a guess. 

I'll run your chart for a few hours either side and see how much it changes, and we can find a way to narrow it down. 

Are human design readings refundable? 

No, readings cannot be refunded.  

It's been 14 working days and I don't have my readings yet? 

Double check your spam folder, and then send me an email (connect@katybaynes.com) to follow up for you. 

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