All the things you need to know 

Women's Circles & breathwork

Do you need to book for circles? 

Yes! Bookings are essential as I like to keep numbers small and intimate, and set the energy of the space based on who's coming. 

What happens in a Women's Circle? 

For a Souls in Circle monthly ceremony, you'll always receive a detailed email from me the morning of with every single thing you need to know. 

Otherwise, you'll be invited into the space. Select a yoga mat to set yourself up. I always open the circle with a welcome and touch on the theme for that ceremony and then we usually go around and have a moment to share. 

We'll sink into the cacao ceremony. 

We then journey through the intention for that ceremony in lots of different ways that can look like - breathwork, journaling, sharing, meditation, music, dance, flow, cards etc. 

These spaces are always so open and safe, you'll be well looked after! 

What will I need to bring? 

This will always be outlined in your confirmation email, or the email prior to your booked ceremony as sometimes it changes. 

Usually - a water bottle, anything special for the altar, any extra cushions or blankets you desire and a journal and pen! 

I've never done breathwork before, can I join a group setting? 

Our breathwork journeys are always built on a foundation of safety. Absolutely you can - however, if you're currently navigating some mental health struggles or something deep and personal, perhaps a 1:1 session will feel safer to explore that with my full attention on supporting just you. 

What kind of breath practice will you use? 

I like to use a combination of breath practices depending on what we're moving through - but the deeper journeys will be using connected circular breath techniques.  

Can I get a refund if I can't make it? 

For a monthly ceremony or journey, at least 48 hours notice needs to be given to receive a refund as I can likely fill your space. Notice given any later than that will not be eligible to receive a refund. 

For a weekly Soulful Sisterhood circle, any later than 4 hours notice won't receive a refund. 

If you give notice 4 hours or earlier, we can transfer your booking to another week. 

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