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Breathwork is a powerful modality to include in your daily toolkit of magic. It aligns to perfection with my soul mission here - to guide you to deeper soul coherence and self mastery. To guide you back into your most untouched self. 

I personally use breathwork to manage anxiety, stress and release emotion and trauma from my body. But I also use it to expand, connect deeper, tune into my intuition and visualise my greatest existence and dreams. 

Conscious connection to our every day breath can shift our worlds. 

While a devoted breathwork practice is so sacred for our connection to self and forever expanding consciousness, having a connection to our natural breath is what serves us out in the world. Navigating tough moments, stress and conflict. 

Alongside the power of the breath to shift our entire state of being, it's also essential for our overall health and wellbeing. An incredible immune boosting tool, and deeply nourishing to our inner organs. 

Elevate is a relaxed, three part breath series. 
It's a go at your own pace, evergreen offering I designed to guide you into connecting on a basic level to your breath. Why we breath consciously. How to breathe deeper and essentially, how you can empower yourself to create your own custom breathwork practice, based on what you need in the moment. 

It's another notch on your spiritual toolbelt. 

There are a lot of guided breathwork practices out there, which I use and love myself, though in my experience sometimes people are doing them without really knowing why, or what they're supposed to be getting out of them. 

The quality of your breath and time spent mastering the depth of your breath is what will truly bring you results. 

Elevate - three part (raw, real and relaxed) breath series
A guided section of guided practices and meditation 
lifetime access 
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1:1 breathwork sessions are a safe and sacred practice carried out online between yourself and I. 

These sessions run for 90 minutes, with 40-60 minutes of breathing and space either side to arrive in, and integrate. 

These are intuitively lead, although during the booking process I'll ask you a few questions so you can tune in to what you truly need from the session. 

In these sessions we dive deep into a circular breath pattern, slowing the brain wave state and creating time and space within to see what's true. To meet the unintegrated parts of ourselves ready to be seen, to unravel old patterns and stories, to process emotion and receive clarity on our next steps.