Hi, I'm so happy you've landed here. 

Let’s create magic together. 


What is this magic?

I love to intertwine all things energy in order to deeply connect you to your purpose, yourSELF, your life. 

I believe from a place of consciousness, of honouring ourselves, connecting to our own energy and understanding its influence that lives within us, we’re able to move into our best expression. Our alignment. Our rich purpose. 

From here we move through life in flow, from intention and magic. 

I believe we are all absolutely magnificent. We often have a lot of layers to strip back to touch back into this for ourselves, but when we do it’s so powerful. 


We do this together blending energy work, human design, intuition and wisdom.  

Collaborative energy sessions between us, human design explorations, online programs, workshops, women's circles.  
These are a collection of my offerings you'll find in this space to guide you to land in your own magic. 


We co create together. I hold space, I guide. But this is all within you, beautiful human. You’ve landed right here because you’re ready. Because your soul has led you this way, to dive deep now. To embark on a journey of freeing healing and growth. To evolve. To honor yourself, deeply. 

I can’t wait to connect with you in this space. 


I'm Katy

6/2 Splenic Projector. 
Magic lover, solitude seeker. 
I love all things energy, deep connection and purposeful expression. 
I love to truly know people, see them and understand them deeply. 
I jump between mystical and poetic, to ghetto slang in a split second. 
I've explored energetic and holistic ways for as long as I can remember, which has served me well on my own path of healing. 
Energy work within has always been powerful, but discovering human design was where things all started to land in place. My way of being in this world suddenly made sense. It was a huge permission slip to be exactly who I am in this life, not who I think I need to be. 
I deeply desire to show others the way to that same peace and feeling of home. 
My most profound medicine can be witnessed in circle, with women. 
Healing generations of sisterhood wounds has been such a powerful journey, and I'm honored always whether facilitating or particpating in a circle of women. 
The power of these circles, the pure expression, the raw emotions, the growth. It's something else. 
So that's a (tiny, TINY) snippet of me. Just here doing the things that light me up at my darkest core, and sharing them with those who desire to walk this way.